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ATMB is committed to promoting carpooling to facilitate travel in Haute-Savoie. To do this, ATMB has developed specific partnerships. Moreover, with 235 parking spaces available, ATMB has six times more carpool parking spaces than other French motorways!

To encourage carpooling, ATMB has launched a free service with its matchmaking platform in partnership with the site

How does it work

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3. Contact other members who are going in the same direction.

Are you a student? ATMB is on your side!

ATMB supports the Arve Valley Association of Young Professionals (AJAVA) and is associated with this initiative to develop the free carpooling site at , which is primarily intended for students in the Arve Valley. The site was launched in September 2015, coinciding with the start of the school year. This partnership demonstrates ATMB’s constant commitment to develop innovative travel solutions, serve the people of the region, and preserve the environment.

235 carpool spaces!

Since 2016, the ATMB network has 235 carpool parking spaces, which is six times more than other French motorways.

At Bonneville East, ATMB inaugurated a park and ride (P+R) with the Haute-Savoie department council (put a link) above the interchange (Exit 17), which provides 75 carpool spaces. At the toll plaza, there are 20 more spaces.

In Scionzier (Exit 18), there is a new carpool parking lot at the interchange with 45 spaces.

On the western part of the Autoroute Blanche (A40), the Eloise exchange (Exit 11) is a carpooling point from Ain to Geneva. As part of the reorganization of the site and its connection to the main road, ATMB has started a carpool parking lot expansion, which now has 59 spaces.

In Bellegarde (Exit 10), there are 40 carpool spaces.

Did you know? 
ATMB co-financed the MOBILARVE project to reduce polluted emissions generated by business travel in the Arve Valley by optimizing travel to and from work through the implementation of the Company and Inter-Company Travel Plans.