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Over the past several years, ATMB has implemented a proactive program to improve accessibility for people with disabilities on all its roads and motorways.

Adapting facilities

There have been many updates to the rest and service areas as well as in parking lots. Furthermore, to promote accessibility for people with disabilities, inclines greater than 4% and curbs over 2 cm in height have been removed.

On the Autoroute Blanche A40, ATMB has nearly 110 emergency stop shelters with controls lowered to 90 cm for people in wheelchairs and light signals for the hearing impaired.

Encouraging the electronic toll

The electronic toll is a particularly suitable for customers with disabilities because it prevents having to dig for your card or money, reaching toward the window to pay, getting out of the car if stopped too far from the terminal, etc.

This is why ATMB offers discounted passes and subscription management fees to all disabled persons with a disability greater than 80% and upon presenting their disability card.

This offer can be purchased at the Customer Service Centre at the Nangy toll (Haute-Savoie) or by mail along with a copy of the disability card.