You started taking out a toll subscription Get back there or you were

The Nangy toll (Haute-Savoie) teams at the new ATMB Customer Service Centre are there to serve you in a renovated location.

Buy your electronic toll pass

With a total area of ​​200 m2, the new space offers a comfortable setting to welcome guests and meet their needs. 

The ATMB teams help you purchase an electronic toll subscription quickly and easily at the Customer Service Centre. After completing the subscription formalities, they will give you your electronic toll pass right there and you can immediately start using it: no more waiting at the toll, adding up bills for all the motorways, deferred payments, monthly fees for non-use, etc.

See all toll subscription offers here: electronic toll

If you purchased your electronic toll subscription online, you can get your pass at the Customer Service Centre. 

At the Customer Service Centre, you can also purchase the compulsory Swiss sticker at the Customer Service Centre to drive on the Swiss national roads (motorways and semi-motorways). Swiss sticker fees, rules, etc.

An eco-friendly building

ATMB has chosen to house the Customer Service Centre in an eco-friendly building to both conserve natural resources and create customer comfort. To optimize energy management, heating and cooling are provided by a reversible air/water heat pump. The building’s orientation and large windows enhance the natural light and limit the need for artificial lighting. Led lighting is automatically adjusted to levels of brightness.

Hours :

  • From Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm 
  • (Closed on Saturday)