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Speed, distances, manoeuvres, signalling... these are the rules to know and some tips to go through the Tunnel safely.

Rules in the Tunnel:

Minimum and maximum speed

For all vehicles, regardless of their class, the maximum speed is 70 km/h over the entire length of the Mont Blanc tunnel, with the exception of two small areas: 50 km/h at the French exit and 40 km/h at the Italian exit.

You must also drive at least 50 km/h.

Permanent monitoring, immediate verbalization

Bi-national French and Italian police force constantly ensures checking of these rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Ten detectors are installed through the Mont Blanc tunnel. If there is a violation, an automated system enables an immediate fine.

Distances to be complied with

In the Tunnel, all vehicles (light weight vehicles, heavy weigh vehicles, motorcycles, etc.) must maintain a minimum distance of 150 meters while driving and 100 meters when stopped.

To ensure necessary safety, it is imperative to comply with these distances.

In the Mont Blanc Tunnel, blue lights help you to maintain the required 150 m distance between vehicles. There should be two marks between your vehicle and the one ahead of you

Manoeuvres that are prohibited in the Tunnel:

  • Stopping and parking on the road (except if the vehicle in front of you has broken down or stopped)
  • Overtaking the vehicle ahead of you
  • Turning around
  • Reversing
  • Using high beam headlamps
  • Honking

What lights should be used?

In the Mont Blanc Tunnel, use your dimmed headlights. High beam lights (headlamps) are prohibited.

Vehicles (heavy weight, buses, etc.) must also turn on their clearance or special lights.

What do I do if my vehicle breaksdown?

  • Use the nearest stop location: they are located every 600 m to the right of the road. Otherwise, stop your vehicle as close as you can to the right side.
  • Turn off your vehicle and put on your hazard lights
  • Notify the tunnel control operators using one of the SOS stations, which are located every 100 meters.

Stay informed in the Mont Blanc Tunnel

  • Read the memo card that was given to you at the tollbooth.This will remind you of the driving rules on the motorway.
  • Always stay tuned to your radio, which gives you important safety instructions:
  • On the French access route and inside the Mont Blanc Tunnel, traffic information is broadcast by Infotrafic FM 107.7 Mhz.
  • On the Italian access route and inside the tunnel, you will get reception of the RAI public service channel with no advertising, Isoradio FM 103.3 Mhz. This radio station provides traffic information.

Other FM radio stations (five Italian and five French) can be received inside the tunnel:




95,7 MHz


89,3 MHz

Europe 2/Chut FM

98,3 MHz

Top Italia Radio

92 MHz

France Inter

99,5 MHz


94,7 MHz


104,3 MHz

Radui Valle d’Aosta

101,1 MHz


104,8 MHz

Radio Deejay

102,9 MHz

Autoroute Info

107,7 MHz


103,3 MHz

  • When going through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, lighted signs inform you constantly: read their messages carefully!

Do you drive on GPL or GNV? You need to notify the toll worker. You will get a special ticket. You will need to place it behind the windshield, visibly. It will allow tunnel teams to intervene appropriately if necessary.