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The teams in charge of safety on the Autoroute Blanche (A40) and the Route Blanche (RN205) account for half of the total workforce. 

Their duties? Snow ploughing, intervening when incidents occur, assisting when cars break down, sending alerts about emergencies, etc.

On the Autoroute Blanche (A40), teams are mobilized 24/7 and use advanced technologies

Control station operators: a permanent eye on traffic

They work day and night in the Traffic Control Station to activate safety equipment, monitor the network, take calls from customers having trouble, alert emergency services, broadcast traffic information to customers, etc.


Motorway patrol officers: your guardian angels

They intervene to help motorists having problems and assist them if their cars break down. They also maintain proper traffic conditions: removing objects from the road, marking roadworks, announcing traffic jams, etc.


Motorway maintenance workers: securing the Autoroute

They are responsible for the general motorway maintenance and safety, as well as the maintenance of company green spaces, buildings and equipment. They put up temporary signage for roadworks, salting operations, snow removal in winter, etc.


Winter services: your safety despite the cold weather and snow

Reaching an altitude of 1274 m, the ATMB network gets up to 6 meters of snow and 110 days of freezing temperatures annually.In winter, there is a tremendous amount of traffic due to the tourist season, with up to 80,000 vehicles per day on the Autoroute Blanche.

To ensure traffic flow and your safety in these particular circumstances, ATMB implements specific protocols.

In total, the winter service mobilizes 175 people over 130 km 24/7, as well as 7 explosive experts specializing in preventative avalanche control on the Mont Blanc Tunnel access road, and 41 vehicles equipped with salt spreaders and ploughs.

To anticipate winter conditions (snow, ice, etc.) and intervene in advance, the ATMB teams use highly sophisticated weather forecasting software along with air and road temperature measuring stations 24/7.

Find out about real-time traffic conditions here : 

Safety procedures on the Autoroute Blanche:

Technology for your safety : 

  • Nearly 233 cameras
  • 17 weather stations
  • 83 illuminated road signs
  • Automatic incident detection and centralized technical management in the Vuache Tunnel
safety signs on the autoroute blanche

Did you know?

On the Route Blanche (RN205), over 20 km, 50 people work for your safety

Mastering very specific skills, teams working on the Route Blanche (RN205) perform a variety of duties 24/7 to ensure your safety:

  • Ensuring maintenance of the Route Blanche
  • Informing and assisting drivers when there are incidents
  • Viewing and managing traffic through cameras
  • Patrolling 24/7
  • Salting and clearing snow
  • Preventatively triggering avalanches on the slopes surrounding the access road to the Mont Blanc Tunnel..

To see real-time traffic on the Route Blanche (RN205), click here.

Did you know?

The Route Blanche (RN205) is a 20 km long toll-free national expressway that connects Le Fayet to Charmonix, and includes:

  • 53 bridges and viaducts

  • 9 interchanges

  • 4 rest and service areas

  • 3 tunnels

  • 2 underpasses

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