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Rates as ater January 1st 2018

(tva 20 % inclus)

*The heavy goods vehicle return journey ETC subscription offers a 75% discount on the return leg of the journey, provided it is made within seven days at or before 23:59.


In accordance with the decision of the intergovernmental authority, from January 1, 2019, traffic at the Mont Blanc Tunnel will be prohibited transport vehicles over 7.5 tonnes GVWR (permissible gross laden weight) of category EURO 3.

Accepted methods of payment

The species cash
The cards

card card card card card card card card card cardcard 

Due to the decision to drop the fixed €/CHF exchange rate, and because of the difficulty of continually adjusting the conversion rate, the Mont Blanc tunnel stopped accepting Swiss francs in 2015.

Towing of heavy goods vehicles in the Mont Blanc tunnel (and the Fréjus tunnel) is free of charge, except for vehicles that run out of fuel. In this case the fee is €1,500 for lorries.

The payment of the Tunnel and the subscription of a subscription are made directly to the toll.


Access the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels with a post-paid pass available from GEIE-TMB and benefit from up to 13% discounts on toll rates.

  • Payment is monthly and differed.
  • Each journey is billed at the subscriber rate corresponding to half of the return journey price in effect on that day.
  • Each card is issued for a single specific vehicle.
  • Tickets and subscriptions may be purchased directly at the Tunnel toll plaza (Chamonix and Courmayeur).

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For more information about heavy goods vehicles subscriptions, please contact the following numbers:

Plateforme Sud du Tunnel du Mont Blanc
From Italy


On December 31 of each year, a discount is granted. Its rate is determined by the number of annual passes made at the Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels:

  • 2% : until 1500 passages.
  • 7% : between 1501 à 3000 passages.
  • 13% : beyond de 3000 passages.

Your safety: our priority


Driving between 50 and 70km/h





Leave a distance of 150m between two véhicules