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Electronic toll payment


  • Get through the toll-gate more quickly - saving time for drivers.
  • Installing the badge is simple and easy and does not require the vehicle to go into a garage.
  • A single invoice detailing transactions per vehicle to facilitate analysis and management of a vehicle fleet.
  • Records of journeys made available on Internet.
  • Access to reductions available from Autoroute companies on their networks.
  • Over time: European interoperability

ATMB and other tunnel companies and licensees of Autoroutes in France and in Italy have created Axxès, a joint subsidiary dedicated to the operation and commercialisation of on-board hardware services compliant with the specifications of the European Electronic toll payment service.


Prices on the ATMB network

In application of the Eurovignette electronic toll payment directive, heavy goods vehicles may benefit from a reduction in price (maximum of 13%) based on the monthly turnover of each badge.

Prices on the ATMB network

Turnover ex VAT / badge / month

Reduction available

From 1 to 100€


From 100.10 to 300€

-5 %

Greater than 300€

-9 %


An additional reduction is available based on the Euro class of the vehicle: -3% for vehicles in classes 5 and 6 from 1€ upwards.


Entry into and exit from the tollbooth

  • When you approach the toll bridge, go to the lane denoted by an orange t and green arrow or t + other logo.

Attention: do not use the lane reserved for smaller goods vehicles which are protected by a barrier at a height of 2m.

  • On exit use the lanes indicated by a t or other t + logo or orange hexagon.

What to do if there is a problem?

Go into a manual toll-payment lane:

  • Take a ticket on entry,
  • Go to the administrative office with your ticket and badge on exit.

If you have already entered the tollbooth use the intercom to obtain help.

If you use a manual toll payment lane you simply need to give your badge to a member of the tollbooth staff who will scan the bar-code label on your badge.

Electronic toll payment: How does it work technically?

The badge is displayed inside the vehicle windscreen and scanned by a detector in the lane. The information transmitted are the toll bridge entry point, exit point, vehicle registration and the Euro pollution class. Data transmission takes only several tenths of a second. It replaces the traditional transit ticket and payment card. The toll barrier opens automatically and the traffic light turns green.

To guarantee a high-level of operational reliability at all times:

  • Slow down when coming into the toll bridge and keep at least 4 m behind the vehicle in front of you.
  • Use the appropriate lane reserved for electronic toll payment and come to a stop.
  • Ensure that the traffic light is green before moving on
  • Do not move the badge while going through the toll-gate.