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You spend over €60 a month

on tolls in the Rhône-Alpes area

Your pass saves you time everywhere in France

Save time by using T lanes anywhere in France, even outside your subscriptin area.

Subscribe now to save money on over 600 km of motorways in the Rhône-Alpes area.

With a €6(1)/month(2), subscription,


Save up to 20%

on toll costs on Rhône-Alpes motorways ATMB, AREA and SFTRF networks(3)




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Rates in effect at 01/04/2018
(1) Price with electronic invoice
(2) Annual subscription fees are billed at one time on the anniversary date
(3) ATMB, AREA and SFTRF networks

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Monthly amount of toll fees
(in € TTC)
Reduce rates on toll fees 600 km of motorway 
in Rhône-Alpes
< 19 € 0%
Entre 20 et 39 € 5%
Entre 40 et 79 € 10%
Entre 80 et 139 € 15%
Au-delà de 140 € 20%

The reduction is calculated in stages according to the monthly toll consumption. Once the threshold is reached, the reduction applies from the first euro. For example, for € 100 of toll consumed per month, the discount of 15% applies from the first euro, or € 15 discount.



« I'm studying in Grenoble and when I drive home to my parents' at the weekend, I save €116€(4) a year. » Lucy B.


For four Bonneville-Grenoble return journeys for ten months, Lucy pays €999.60€/year(4) in tolls (instead of €1176) + a subscription charge of €60€/year(4). With a yearly subscription, she saves €116€/year(4).


(4)Tax-inclusive rates in force with electronic invoice

Advantages of electronic toll collection

Save time at the toll

Use your pass throughout France

Go through and pay the following month

  • Pass cost
  • Security deposit per pass(5)11€
  • Replacement of damaged, lost or stolen pass11€
  • Extra pass holder(6)1,50€


  • Other charges
  • Paper billing0,70€/year or 8,40€/year
  • Duplicate bill1€
  • Duplicates of bills for one year10€
  • Flat recovery fee9€
  • Send pass by postal mail4€

TTC price in effect at 01/04/2018
(5) Discount depending on the number of badges
(6) From the 4th support