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The Mont Blanc Autoroute and Tunnel (ATMB) is majoritarily held by government and local authorities

ATMB is a company held by government, local authorities and private shareholders. ATMB is the holder of the French government concession contract until 2050. Under this contract, it maintains and manages the Autoroute Blanche (A40), the Route Blanche (RN205) and the Mont Blanc Tunnel with its Italian counterpart SITMB. Each year, it makes significant investments in security, quality of service, environmental protection and road access improvement.

The concession contract defines the mission of ATMB in terms of investment required, service levels to guarantee (breakdown assistance, traffic information ...) in return for collection of a toll in accordance with the conditions laid down by government. This model facilitates the financing of construction and infrastructure maintenance without recourse to public financing.

In 2002, ATMB and SITMB (Italian Mont Blanc Tunnel company) conferred the operation and maintenance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel on GEIE-TMB (European Mont Blanc Economic Interest Group) a Franco-Italian organisation. The fundamental principle shared by the licensees is the management of the Tunnel as a single entity.

The government and local authorities are 91.3% shareholders.

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