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ATMB is located at the foot of Mont Blanc in a unique setting. To preserve this exceptional environment, ATMB innovates, invests and changes practices.

ATMB Actions and achievements

Belleville site earns HQE® quality certification a first!

HQE® (High Quality Environmental) is a is a standard for green building in France, based on the principles of sustainable development. As part of our voluntary environmental policy at ATMB, we decided to build a fully HQE-complaint Motorway maintenance and control centre at our Belleville site in Haute-Savoie. This is the first time that a motorway in France has earned such a distinction. This innovative site optimizes water (vehicles washed with 100% recovered rainwater) energy (wood heating) and waste (sorting and recycling). The Centre was commissioned in 2016.

Noise control

ATMB has made the fight against noise pollution one of its priorities. In 2016, ATMB launched construction of 310-metre-long acoustic screens at 11 sites on the Route Blanche (route RN205). Along the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40), ATMB has already installed over 7 km of sound protection near a dozen towns.

Moreover, sound insulation work on homes continues. The goal is to protect all areas where the noise level exceeds 66 decibels, which in fact is 2 decibels higher than European standards. For this purpose, acoustic consultants were brought in to map the residential areas concerned. This work represents a €6 mn investment for ATMB.


The green areas along the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) represent a surface area of over 300 ha. Their upkeep (e.g. clearing, cutting, flowering) is performed by 60 ATMB employees and represents over 10,000 hours of work per year. In order to optimize this work and enhance the landscaping of our network, ATMB established a partnership in 2013 with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles (Versailles school of landscaping). After an initial assessment, the school’s recommendations were first put into action in 2014, with various planting and pruning operations which continue today.

ATMB has also reinforced their eco-landscaping policy, with an objective of zero chemical treatment of plant parasites. The teams now use innovative methods which are more environmentally friendly.

300 ha of green areas maintained year-round by 6o people

Viry wildlife crossing

In partnership with Geneva authorities, ATMB initiated a project to build an ecoduct across the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) between the towns of Viry and Etrembières, to allow fauna of all sizes to get safely from Salève to the Geneva plain. The ecoduct is 23 meters wide (the equivalent of a six-lane motorway) to accommodate deer. It should be operational in 2018.  

Promoting ride sharing

ATMB is committed to developing ride sharing in order to facilitate mobility in the Haut-Savoie area. Ride sharing is both economical and ecological. ATMB teamed up with specific partners to launch a free ridesharing platform. With 235 ride shares available, ATMB has greater ride share  density than any other French motorway.

Support innovative environmental projects

MOBILARVE: ATMB co-finances this project which aims to reduce emissions from commuting in the Arve valley.  Company and inter-company transport plans are made to optimize commutes from an environmental perspective. As an employer, ATMB participates in this programme by encouraging employees to use cleaner modes of transportation: carpooling, clean vehicles, vehicle sharing, public transportation, and alternative transport (walking, cycling).

EQUILIBRE: ATMB supports this Haute-Savoie initiative to promote the use of natural gas vehicles (NGV) as an alternative to diesels for road transportation of merchandise. This type of vehicle  cuts CO2 emissions by 8 to 10 % compared to conventional fossil fuels and up to 90% compared to biomethane. Furthermore, with regard to clean air, NGVs produce 30% to 70% less nitrogen than Euro 5 class lorries. Finally, on certain materials,  NGVs produce up to 50% less noise.

ATMB’s commitment to mobility for everyone firstly means accessibility for users with reduced mobility. Over the last 10 years, over €10 mn have been invested to adapt facilities and remove obstacles, especially in rest and service areas.   

On the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40), all shelters built since 2010 are wide enough for safe parking. Emergency call stations have been equipped with controls at wheelchair height. 

Disabilities are also a key corporate social responsibility. ATMB supports several local organizations serving the disabled. 

Contributing to cleaner air

ATMB takes different actions to preserve the environment of our network., such as banning the most polluting heavy vehicles from the Mont Blanc Tunnel. These efforts are beginning to pay off. A 2015 study by Air-Rhône-Alpes (the certified body responsible for monitoring air in the region) revealed that fine particle emissions due to road transport in the Arve valley fell 42% between 2000 and 2013, and emissions due to heavy vehicles fell 45 %.

A similar trend emerges for nitrogen emissions, down 40% since 2000. CO2 emissions from lorries have fallen by 48%.