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Customer care and service are essential missions for ATMB. This translates into four key commitments: inform, make travel easier, help, and listen.  ATMB innovates and invests each year to enhance the quality of service we offer our private customers and professionals.

Customer service teams

On the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40), and the Route Blanche (route RN205), ATMB staff are at your service 24/7.

The Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) and the Mont Blanc Tunnel have 174 toll plaza staff to inform, help and advise you.  

Other ATMB contacts at your service include our customer support advisors, who, for example, can help you choose the best electronic toll collection (ETC) subscription for you. 

Throughout our network, ATMB safety staff and patrollers monitor traffic conditions carefully and look after your wellbeing. In the event of a breakdown or an incident, they are there, day and night, to help you.

On motorway A40 and the Route Blanche, there are practically 3 staff members per kilometre to help you.

Measuring customer satisfaction 

To measure customer satisfaction, understand expectations and develop exactly the right services, ATMB conducts surveys several times a year, on topics such as rest areas, accessibility, and security. A panel of over 400 customers gives us feedback each year on the quality of our network and of our customer care.

The results of our 2015 survey reveal an overall satisfaction rate of 88%, up five points against 2014. In fact, six specific areas scored better than in the previous year:

  • cleanliness
  • real-time information
  • preventive information about traffic disruptions
  • traffic flow
  • limiting the impact of roadworks on traffic
  • limiting frequency of roadworks


88 % overall customer satisfaction.

Promoting ETC to make driving easier

As of November 2015, ATMB had over 100,000 Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) badges in circulation. Today, ETC, which saves users both time and  money on frequent journeys, has become the No.1 means of payment on the Autoroute Blanche (A40 motorway), accounting for 57 % of all transactions. ATMB is one of the motorway companies in France with the highest use of ETC. 

A range of toll passes to meet different needs 

ATMB is here to serve you, and not all customers have the same needs. That’s why ATMB offers different deals for different user profiles, with discounts of up to 50 %: Liber-t Evasion for occasional journeys, Liber-t Rhône-Alpes for frequent travel in the Rhône-Alpes area, and Liber-t Autoroute Blanche for regular travel on the A40 motorway.

ATMB provides a simulator to help choose the subscription which best matches your needs, and shows you the potential savings. 

Special discounts for pros

ATMB is the first French motorway company to offer professional driver discounts of up to 30% on local journeys for class 2 vehicles (utility vehicles over 2 metres) , typically used by tradesmen and building industry firms. 

There are different types of subscription plans exclusively for professionals (Liber-t Pro Exception, Liber-t Pro Rhône-Alpes, and Liber-t Pro Autoroute Blanche), which save time and money, and simplify expense accounts.

New Customer Service Centre

In order to meet the growing demand for ETC and optimize customer care, ATMB has inaugurated a new Customer Service Centre at the Nangy toll plaza in Haute-Savoie France.

Mont Blanc Tunnel discounts

GEIE-TMB offers very attractive rates for regular travellers and holiday-goers. 

Occasional users can get 75% off the return leg of their journey if they buy a return package instead of a single ticket.

Regular users can choose between two formulas (a 10- or 20-journey subscription). There are also deals specifically for local users and cross-border commuters.

Skiers rejoice! Mont Blanc Unlimited pass-holders get 50% off a return (round trip) toll pass. 

Renovating rest areas to make them more welcoming 

Most of the rest areas on the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) have benefitted from an ambitious modernization and environmental programme. New facilities and equipment make it more fun and relaxing to take a needed break from driving: WiFi connections, charging stations for electric vehicles, and improved sanitary facilities and play areas 

Special attention has been paid to pedestrian safety and comfort. To facilitate users with reduced mobility, there are now no slopes greater than 4% and no curbs higher than 2cm.

Refurbishing roadways

ATMB teams perform roadworks on the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) and the Route Blanche (route RN205). The objective is to improve quality and road grip, key factors for driving safety and comfort. In 2015, 23 km of roadway nearly 10% of the ATMB network were refurbished. Every new ATMB investment has a significant environmental component. For roadway renovation, ATMB innovated by using a so-called “warm mix” which is more environmentally friendly than conventional road surfacing processes. 

Winter service: unique expertise to ensure traffic flow and road safety 

The Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) and the Route Blanche (route RN205) are subject to harsh weather conditions. There are over 100 days a year with sub-zero temperatures. For the six months of the winter season, from November through April, ATMB puts 175 professionals on the 130 km of the Autoroute Blanche (motorway A40) and the Route Blanche (route RN205) to keep driving conditions safe and comfortable. 

41 vehicles equipped with salt spreaders and snow ploughs keep the roads clear, while respecting the environment. In 2005, seven new vehicles were added to the ATMB fleet, all rated Euro 5, one of the strictest emission categories.


4,000 hours of work, an investment of nearly €1.4 mn*



Traffic reports: keeping drivers informed

Traffic conditions on motorway A40 and route RN205, roadworks and closing, travel time ATMB users demand accurate, timely traffic information. For ATMB, information is an essential aspect of the service quality we provide to our customers, and we have developed special interfaces for this:

  • Real-time information: on the ATMB website via webcams and on the network via variable message signs (VMS) and radio broadcasts (Autoroute Info, 107.7)
  • Forecasts and roadworks timetables on the ATMB website.