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Security, mobility, protection of the environment and support for local initiatives are at the heart of ATMB’s mission

The mission of Mont Blanc Autoroutes and Tunnel (ATMB) is to design, build, finance and operate road and motorway networks.

ATMB personnel are mobilized each day to facilitate travel for everyone in the heart of the highest mountain range in Europe, with optimum conditions of security, service and protection of the environment.

ATMB manages a network which at its highest point, is 1300 m above sea level and makes use of highly innovative technology. Traffic levels can reach to 45,000 vehicles per day on the Autoroute Blanche on the Geneva bypass. Light vehicles represent 88% of the total traffic on the ATMB network.

45,000 vehicles per day on the Autoroute Blanche on the Geneva bypass.

88% of the total traffic is light vehicles.

ATMB is an active local player

A significant employer in Haute-Savoie, ATMB contributes directly to the local economy through a high level of annual investment, generating significant benefits for regional companies. As a vital highway, the Mont Blanc Tunnel carries 76% of imports and exports for companies in the Haute-Savoie region.

ATMB actively supports local events and associations which promote the image of Haute-Savoie on the international stage. Notably in 2016, ATMB supported the KandaharPleins Feux FestivalGuitare en ScèneThe Evian Championshipthe UTMB...

The ATMB network, comprising the Autoroute Blanche (A40) and the Route Blanche (RN205), provides essential access for tourists to more than 30 Swiss and Italian ski resorts.

The ATMB network provides daily access morning and night for commuters in Haute-Savoie.

The environmental mission of ATMB

76% of imports and exports in the Haute-Savoie region are made possible by the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

The ATMB network is situated in a unique natural environment at the foot of the Mont-Blanc mountain range. ATMB has put innovation at the heart of its commitment to preserve this exceptional environment and every year, through its investment programme, takes concrete action to continue the development of these practices.

The mission of ATMB supports environmental integration, noise reduction, the preservation of water resources, the preservation of fauna, waste recycling, air quality and shared travel facilities.

ATMB inaugurated the first High Quality Environmental® motorway centre in France in 2014.

With nearly 300 carpool sites, the ATMB network offers more than six times the number of carpool sites than other French motorways.