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The SIERRA control station: the heart of security

Established on the HQE® site in Bonneville, the new traffic control station will have a new computer system named SIERRA II, which will assist in operations. This new computer system allows centralized control of all security equipment distributed over the network (video cameras, loop-based counting systems, weather stations, automatic incident detection, etc.). It also provides valuable assistance to operators who monitor traffic and network conditions, activate rescue services, respond to emergency calls, and inform drivers. A video wall composed of sixteen video screens and a 2x2 mounted mimic panel enable 14 operators, working in shifts for 24/7 cover, to be informed in real time and act immediately if needed.


The Vuache Tunnel: 2 x 1400 m

Located on the Autoroute Blanche (A40) between Bellegarde (Ain) and Saint-Julien- en-Genevois (Haute-Savoie), the Vuache Tunnel consists of two 1,400 meter-long tubes, one for each direction . Each of these has two lanes and handles average traffic of about 9,000 vehicles per day in each direction. It is equipped with 46 fans, each weighing 1.1 tons and measuring 1.5 meters in diameter. Commissioned in 1982, the tunnel underwent successive renovations to become the model of safety that it is today. It is connected to the SIERRE Traffic PC and equipped with an automatic system for detecting incidents, 26 cameras, 46 fans with sensors, and 12 opacimeters (smoke detectors)...cut plane

Rest and service areas: renovation and expansion

Most areas of the Autoroute Blanche (A40) have already benefited from an ambitious program to renovate, modernize, and increase environmental friendliness. This will be done to more rest areas in the near future

New equipment and facilities improve services to customers and promote relaxation and conviviality: Wi-Fi connections, electric vehicle charging stations, sanitation facilities, play areas, etc. Particular attention was paid to the safety and comfort of pedestrians. Furthermore, to promote accessibility for persons with reduced mobility, slopes greater than 4% and rbs over 2 cm high were removed.

Continual investment in security, customer service and environmental protection.

The HQE® site in Bonneville: a first!

To preserve the unique environment in which it operates, the ATMB company has established a voluntary environmental approach. This was the impetus behind the project to build a maintenance centre and a High Environmental Quality® motorway traffic PC in Bonneville (Haute-Savoie). It is the first in France. The project has three main focuses: optimizing water management (harvesting rainwater provides 100% of the needs for washing service vehicles), energy (using wood for heating), and waste (sorting and recycling). The centre opened for us in 2016. 

The Bellegarde viaduct: towards a decrease in the frequency of sites

Commissioned in 1982, the Bellegarde viaduct, 62 m high, consists of two decks that span the Rhône for 1 km. It has undergone extensive renovation over recent years, creating new guardrails and strengthening the structure by installing pre-stressed tendons. Also, the installation of a water-tight seal and new specific-surfacing means, it is far more resistant to successive freezing and thawing. These investments aim to reduce the frequency of construction work on this site in the coming years.

The «cap» of Egratz: a tour de force for security

To protect the surface from falling rocks in the Egratz descent on the Route Blanche (RN205), ATMB has achieved a feat: building an 110 m-long concrete "cap" that hangs over both channels. This structure is reinforced by the rock face using 66 support bars weighing 80 tons. 20,000 m2 rock shed of fences and screens completes this system. It took three years to complete this exceptional project.