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In 1973, during the opening of the first section of the Autoroute Blanche (A40), 30 people were working to manage 4,600 vehicles per day.

Today, the ATMB teams include nearly 400 people, serving an average of 27,000 customers daily and 45,000 vehicles on the Geneva bypass. Their mission: to ensure that these two vital routes in Haute-Savoie have a high level of safety and service 24/7.

The ATMB teams are divided between administrative offices in Bonneville, three service centres (in Eloise, Bonneville, and Fayet), three toll centres, and a customer service centre (in Nangy).

More than 120 people provide 24/7 surveillance, security, driver assistance, traffic management, and maintenance for the Autoroute Blanche (A40) and the Route Blanche (RN205). They are responsible for monitoring and managing traffic through cameras, informing and assisting drivers with incidents, patrolling, maintaining the roadway and equipment, removing snow, etc.

84 specialists in new civil engineering and mechanical technologies manage the infrastructure and safety equipment.

Winter services: a unique expertise

The Autoroute Blanche (A40) and the Route Blanche (RN205) are subject to particularly hostile climatic conditions. More than 100 days of freezing temperatures are recorded M4 Our Company. M4.2 Our Network every winter. For six months from November to April, 175 professionals are mobilized on the 130 kms of the A40 and RN205 to ensure customer safety and driving comfort.

Preventive salting and snow clearing operations are monitored by the managers of three maintenance centres. Two support points have been included along the network for higher responsiveness: Les Houches, Le Fayet, Bonneville, Viry and Eloise.

For this, teams have 41 trucks with salt spreaders and ploughs to make sure that the roads are safe when freezing temperatures and the first snowfalls hit. These trucks combine efficiency with environmental friendliness. In 2015, seven new snow removal trucks under the Euro 5 standard, which means more environmentally friendly, were added to the fleet of ATMB trucks. On the ground, weather stations constantly analyse data in order to anticipate the necessary actions to implement.

To preventatively trigger avalanches on the slopes surrounding the access road to the Mont Blanc Tunnel, ATMB has a team of 7 specially trained munition specialists. This expertise is unique for a motorway company. The training of these specialists is provided by the National Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanches.

In 2015, winter services represented 4,800 hours of intervention.