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Work Phases

380 million Euros invested in the new Mont Blanc Tunnel

Launched in April 2000, the Mont Blanc Tunnel refurbishment programme, as approved by government, represented an investment of 380 million euros for the two operators, ATMB and SITMB, and 25 million euros for the European Union.

It had four main priorities:
- upgrading the safety systems
- improving rescue facilities
- establishing a sole operating entity
- introducing new traffic rules.

Four key works stages

The programme’s overall timetable, up to January 2002, was based on four main phases:

Main phases Dates
Cleaning and making the tunnel safe prior to work beginning February to September 2000
Civil engineering work September 2000 to August 2001
Installing equipment September 2001 to November 2001
Equipment tests and safety exercises prior to reopening November 2001 to January 2002


Works : key figures
- 15 months of work
- 55,000 tons of rock excavated for the civil engineering
- up to 1,000 people working on equipment installation
- 4,000 tests performed on the equipment before the opening

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