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Staff are on duty 24 hours a day in the Mont Blanc Tunnel :

262 agents work on the 11.6km of the tunnel. The people who are mobilised for safety, 24h/4:

- 11 professional fire-fighters in the centre and at the two entrances to the tunnel
These officers are equipped with equipment and vehicles specifically designed to fight fires in the tunnel.

- 5 traffic safety team members
In the event of an incident, they carry out the first actions on the ground with the fire-fighters for the safety of the drivers.

- 5 traffic safety staff
The traffic safety staff are in charge of customer safety. Should an incident arise, they are responsible for taking the initial action on the ground, alongside the immediate response teams. They are also in charge of escorts for abnormal loads.

- 2 toll managers and 6 traffic safety assistants
They are mobilised to contribute, in case of an incident, to the reception of public emergency services and the evacuation of users. They also manage the control areas which heavy vehicles must pass through in order to carry out checks before entering the tunnel.

Public services: ensure that the traffic rules are respected and intervene in case of an incident

The final element of the safety provisions is the binational police force and customs, who are responsible for enforcing the regulations on entry and driving in the Mont Blanc Tunnel. In the case of a major incident, the emergency services are made up of French and Italian fire-fighters from Chamonix and Courmayeur. Particularly due to the safety exercises, they have a perfect knowledge of the work. Their imperative: good coordination of the teams and optimal efficiency in interventions.

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Mont Blanc Tunnel safety provisions
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