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A French-Italian Operator

A French-Italian sole operator: the Mont Blanc Tunnel EEIG

Since the reopening of the tunnel in 2002, it has been managed by the European Economic Interest Group for the Mont Blanc Tunnel (EEIG-TMB). It employs 262 people to look after the 11.6 km-long tunnel.

The MBT-EEIG is responsible for all aspects of safety and traffic management (system maintenance, works management, client information…).

In addition, a team of 11 professional fire-fighters is based 24/24 at the two entrances and in the centre of the tunnel (total : 71 fire-fighters/ GSA company). Their mission: to act immediately in any incident. This system is unique in France.

Government oversight

The intergovernmental oversight commission is made up of representatives of French and Italian government departments. It sets the tunnel safety regulations and approves changes to tolls. It is supported by a Committee of experts, which is consulted systematically on all safety matters.

Binational management structures

Gilles Rakoczy (ATMB) has held the position of Director of the MBT-EEIG since september 2009 and has been direction of the Société de Gestion du Tunnel du Mont Blanc since January, 8th, 2014. He is supported by Maurizio Cipollone, the Italian director appointed by SITMB. The Managing Director is appointed alternately by each company, and remains in place for a 30-month period.
The Supervisory Board is made up of 10 members (5 representatives from each operator) and oversees ATMB and SITMB’s joint monitoring and supervision work. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is elected alternately by ATMB and SITMB. The position is currently held by Francesco Samperi, SITMB’s president.

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