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50 staff members for 20 km of road

Altogether, nearly 50 staff ATMB members are on the job 24 hours a day to ensure a high level of safety and service quality on the Route Blanche. In this framework, ATMB recruited almost 30 new colleagues in 2010.

These colleagues with specific expertise have very varied jobs: ATMB checkpoint operators, maintenance and safety agents, public works engineers and agents in charge of works…

Their missions consist of::

- Ensuring the maintenance of the Route Blanche,
- informing and assisting drivers in case of an incident,
- watching and managing the traffic using the cameras,
- patrolling 24 h/24,
- preventing avalanches on the slopes surrounding the road,
- clearing snow…

Between 2012 and 2013, maintaining and securing the 20km of the Route Blanche have required 5884 hours of intervention in winter.