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RN205: Between the Autoroute Blanche and the Mont Blanc Tunnel

An essential axis in the heart of the Chamonix valley, towards Italy

Running some 20km, the Route Blanche (RN205) is an essential axis to serve the towns in the Chamonix valley. It is also a preferred route to join the Aosta valley in Italy through the the Mont Blanc Tunnel and Chamonix.

The Route Blanche receives an average daily traffic of 17 546 vehicles, 89 % of which are light vehicles (2012 figures).

A Toll-Free National Motorway

The 1st May 2010, the State transfered the operation and maintenance of the Route Blanche to the ATMB. It will retain its status as a toll-free national motorway. With 50 people mobilised for 20km, and an investment programme of over 30 million Euros from now until 2014, ATMB has set a double objective: provide a level of safety and service on this route which is comparable to that on the Autoroute Blanche.

The Route Blanche in a few figures

It includes:
- 43 bridges and viaducts (including the Egratz viaduct, 1470m long and 68m high)
- 9 interchanges
- 4 service and rest areas
- and 3 tunnels (including one of 420m and one of 1015m: the Châtelard and Chavants tunnels).

With over 100 days per year below 0°C, it is exposed to very harsh weather conditions.