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Local Economic Stakeholder

A source of employment

ATMB is one of the main employers in the Haute-Savoie region The ATMB team consists of 389 people working on the 130 km of the Autoroute Blanche and Route Blanche. For the Mont Blanc Tunnel, the MBT-EEIG and permanent emergency services represent a total of 262 people for 11.6 km.

Annual investments in maintenance and modernisation also put the company among the most dynamic in terms of indirect employment. A key corollary of its business, ATMB directly finances the local economy through taxes paid to more than thirty municipalities and twenty training institutions.

A keyplayer in local tourism

In winter and summer alike, tens of thousands of vacationers use the ATMB network to reach one of the thirty resorts it serves in France and Italy. At these times, the light vehicle traffic is tripled on the motorway and doubled in the tunnel. To accommodate these road users in optimal security conditions and to promote local heritage, every year ATMB organises activities in its service stations with local artisans.

Faciliting local travel

With the creation of three half cloverleaf interchanges at Passy, Sallanches and Bonneville, improving local connections is a priority for ATMB. By significantly reducing traffic on local roads, these works help improve travel safety and the quality of life of residents. They also facilitate access to tourist and development areas. These projects were funded at 27% by ATMB and 73% by the General Council of Haute-Savoie.

A continuous route between Châtillon-en-Michaille and Courmayeur

Since 1st May 2010, the French government has entrusted ATMB with the operation of the Route Blanche (RN205), which plays a key role in the Chamonix valley and for access to the Mont Blanc Tunnel. It is a first in France for this national road, which will retain its status as a toll-free expressway. The integration of the Route Blanche confirms ATMB’s crucial role as a major player serving Haute-Savoie on a continuous route between Chatillon-en-Michaille in Ain and Courmayeur in Italy.

An active corporate patronage policy for people with disabilities

ATMB has pursued to focus its corporate patronage policy on the issue of disability, field chosen in 2011. In 2013, ATMB’s support allowed to organise a holidays trip at the seaside and leisure activities such as adapted bike and ski-tandem for members of the Haute Savoie APF.

ATMB also supports the team at Loisirs Assis Evasion. This specialist organisation aims to give as many people as possible access to outdoor sports; In 2013, ATMB’s help allowed many projects to come true, such as seated skiing, the all-terrain wheelchair, paragliding, and many more.

ATMB is also involved in funding 5 other organisations’ projects such as a multimedia library, a playground for a childcare center or training sessions for the disabled.