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Providing optimal travel conditions

ATMB’s mission is to ensure the highest quality of service on a continuous route from Chatillon-en-Michaille to Courmayeur. The ATMB network serves the people of Haute-Savoie for their daily commuting and leisure travel.

It serves more than 30 mountain resorts. Each year, ATMB teams work together to welcome tourists during holiday travel periods.

ETC: offers suited to all frequencies of use

ATMB has created packages to meet the needs of occasional customers as well as drivers who regularly use the motorway.

It has therefore created Liber-t Autoroute Blanche,, a subscription for its customers who commute on the Autoroute Blanche. This package offers a 50% discount.

For customers who use the motorway just a few times a year, Liber-t Evasion offers all the benefits of ETC for only €1.60 per month, only if the badge is used.

Sales of ATMB’s ETC badges have seen very strong growth. At the end of April 2014, approx. 70,000 badges were in circulation, moreover, with Liber’t Vacances launched on January 1st, 2013, French holiday vouchers are now accepted at the toll booths and can be credited to a badge.

Concrete commitments to customer service

Structured around 10 points defined by and for its customers, ATMB’s charter demonstrates the ATMB teams’ commitment to drivers (toll transit time, traffic information and 24 hour customer assistance).

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In 2012, a survey of 500 customers reported an overall satisfaction rating of 86%.