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ATMB - a company dedicated to its customers and local area

At the heart of the Haute-Savoie region, the ATMB (Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc) is responsible for facilitating travel in optimal safety and comfort, 24 hours a day, between Switzerland and Italy. A private limited company owned at 91.3% by the French government and local authorities, its work is committed to local life and protecting the environment.

A contract between the ATMB and the French government defines their respective duties, especially in terms of toll price increases, work to be carried out by ATMB, and the level of service provided (assistance in case of breakdown, traffic information, etc.).

Autoroute Blanche au niveau de la sortie de Passy - © Christophe HuretThe government has entrusted ATMB with the concession for the Autoroute Blanche (A40) until 2050. With a length of 110 km, the Autoroute Blanche links Châtillon-en-Michaille in Ain to Fayet in Haute-Savoie, with two branches to Switzerland (A41-A411).

Along with Société Italienne du Tunnel du Mont Blanc (SITMB), ATMB is also the concession company for the 11.6 km of the Mont Blanc Tunnel between the valley of Chamonix and Val d’Aosta.

Since 2002, the Mont Blanc Tunnel European Economic Interest Grouping has been responsible for the overall Franco-Italian operation of the facility.

In May 2010, the government assigned ATMB the 20 km of the Route Blanche (RN205). This mountain road, which serves the Chamonix valley, has retained its status as a national toll-free expressway.

24-hour teams and ongoing investments

ATMB is fully committed to its customers (safety, comfort) and the local area (respect for the environment, connecting local communes). Between 2010 and 2014, more than 200 million euros will be invested in the Autoroute Blanche, the Route Blanche and the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

The ATMB team consists of 389 people working on the 130 km of the Autoroute Blanche and Route Blanche. For the Mont Blanc Tunnel, the MBT-EEIG and permanent emergency services represent a total of 262 people for 11.6 km.

The government and local authorities, shareholders at 91.3%

The French State 67.30%
Départements of Haute-Savoie and Ain 18.62%
French insurance companies 4.76%
Canton and City of Geneva 5.42%
French and Swiss financial institutions 2,39%
ATMB staff (as individuals) 1.034%
Other 0.48%