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Automatic Toll

The electronic toll system for transporters is valid throughout France. It satisfies the rules established by the European Commission and in time it will enable the payment of tolls with a single badge on the side of the vehicle and a single subscription contract for all countries in the Union.

Advantages of automatic tolls for hauliers

- Easy toll procedure and time saved at the tolls for drivers
- A single invoice itemising the transactions per vehicle, used for analytical purposes as part of fleet management
- Route records available over the Internet
- Entitlement to the discounts offered by the motorway companies over their networks

Ultimately, operability throughout Europe

To enable its customers to easily transfer from the CAPLIS system to the automatic toll system, ATMB has joined forces with Autoroutes du Sud de la France, Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône and Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus (SITAF in Italy) in creating a subsidiary called Axxès. The aim of this company is to issue tags on a European scale and serve as the special point of contact for all hauliers travelling across the motorway networks of its parent companies.

Sales terms for the ATMB network

In pursuance of the Eurovignette directive, LGV automatic tolls allow hauliers to qualify for discounts of up to 13%, based on the monthly revenues from each tag.

Sales terms for the ATMB network as of 1 July 2007

Revenues ex. VAT / tag / monthDiscount
From 1 to 100 €0%
From 100,1 to 300 €- 5 %
Over 300 €- 9 %

An additional discount is offered according to the vehicle’s Euro class: - 1,5% discount for Euro 4 class LGVs from the 1st euro and - 3% discount for Euro 5 and 6 class LGVs from 1st euro.

Using the automatic toll tag

Entering / exiting the toll

- When approaching the tolls, move into the lane indicated by an orange "t" accompanied by a green arrow or a "t" + another logo. Caution: be especially careful not to use the lanes reserved for light vehicles, where clearance is limited to 2 m.
- When exiting, use the lanes indicated by a "t" or "t" + another logo or an orange hexagon.

What to do in the event of a problem?

Move into one of the manual lanes :
- Take a ticket at the entry
- At the exit, present your ticket and your tag

If you have already entered the automatic toll lane, use the interphone and ask for help.

If you use a manual lane, simply present your tag to the toll booth attendant, who will scan the barcode on the back of the tag.

The automatic toll system: how does it work

The tag is fixed to the windscreen inside the vehicle and is detected and scanned by a lane antenna. The information sent is the entry toll, the exit toll, the vehicle’s registration number and the Euro pollution class. The information is sent in just tenths of a second. It does away with the traditional toll ticket and scanning of your payment card. The toll barrier automatically opens and the light changes green.

To guarantee the smooth operation of the system and the best possible safety conditions:
- Slow down as you approach the tolls and stay at least 4 metres behind the vehicle in front
- Use the lanes reserved for you and stop your vehicle
- Ensure that the light has changed green before driving away
- Do not touch the tag as you are driving through the toll