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More than 2 in 3 people mobilised for service quality and clients’ safety

Checkpoint operators: an eye constantly on the traffic

15 operators work day and night to manage the SIERRA control room, a real control tower for the motorway. Their tasks: activate the safety facilities, supervise the network, deal with calls from customers in difficulty, alert the emergency services, broadcast information on traffic conditions, etc. These tasks are carried out in close collaboration with the teams at the maintenance centres and the toll plazas, but also with the external partners (police, breakdown services, etc.).

Safety officers: the guardian angels of the motorway

For the safety and comfort of customers, 10 safety officers travel up and down the motorway continuously. They help customers in difficulty, protect them in the event of an accident, but are also on hand to ensure good traffic conditions: removing objects from the road, marking road works, warning drivers of congestion, etc.

Motorway maintenance staff: a motorway that is as safe in winter as it is in summer

Motorway maintenance staff are responsible for general maintenance of the motorway, for safety, verge clearance, and maintenance of green spaces, buildings and company equipment. They erect temporary signs for road works, and salt and clear snow from the motorway during the winter.

- Winter service: ensuring traffic safety in all weathers
Located in the heart of the Haute-Savoie mountain region, the Autoroute Blanche is particularly exposed to extreme winter weather. Every winter ATMB deploys 155 experts to help provide the best possible conditions for the 22,000 vehicles and holiday makers travelling to the ski resorts every day. It makes use of significant material resources, with 60 vehicles, decision-support systems, weather stations and weather-forecasting software. Between 2012 and 2013, the ATMB teams carried out 5884 hours treating the roads and clearing snow.


“Throughout the year, the teams of mechanics service the motorway response vehicles, in other words up to 40 during the winter season! The vehicles must always be ready for a callout.”

Éric Renner, workshop manager at Éloise

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