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A motorway that serves its customers and the region

In 2013, ATMB will invest almost €35 million in safety, quality of service and sustainable development.

Quality of service at the heart of priorities

Its work focuses on improving the flow of traffic with the development of non-stop motorway ETC for the Nangy, Viry and Cluses toll plazas. With the possibility of driving through at 30 kmph, this technology helps to significantly increase traffic flow at the toll, while reducing fuel consumption. To recap, in 2012, 86% of ATMB customers were satisfied with the quality of service on the Autoroute Blanche (survey of 500 people).

Keen to meet drivers’ demand for traffic information, ATMB continues to install signs giving information on travel times and incidents in real time. Six new signs were installed in 2012 and 2013 near the resorts of Viry, Nangy and Cluses.

To continuously improve the traffic conditions, the Findrol intersection, at exit 15 of the Autoroute Blanche, will be refurbished in 2015. Driving in this highly popular area will be smoother, with a roundabout replacing the traffic lights.

Safety, a constant requirement

Along 110 km, the Autoroute Blanche has over 160 bridges and viaducts. Subject to frequent changes in temperatures and a long six-month winter service, these structures require ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance. The renovation of the Bellegarde viaduct, begun in 2011, is one of those sites. Early work focused on the replacement of the central guardrails. The viaduct at Bois d’Arlod and the one in Sallanches will also undergo work in 2013.

Contributing to the sustainable development of local areas

As part of the preservation of air quality, ATMB is replacing its snowploughs: 7 new machines that meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency (European standard Euro 5) will be delivered in 2013

Environmental integration of the Route Blanche

For years, ATMB has been working to protect the exceptional environment in which its network is situated. In 2012, a completely new initiative was launched to improve the environmental integration of the Autoroute Blanche and Route Blanche (RN 205). Through the environmental integration plan, which is a first in France, a diagnostic assessment can be shared with all stakeholders. The projects identified will be submitted for consideration by the communities concerned. And to make these projects a reality, ATMB will invest over 30 million euros.